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Sunday 17 February
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  by John W David

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Listing Tips for Real Estate Rookies

Let's face it, in all things there are a few people who have been blessed with just the right seasoning that makes them phenomenal producers in almost anything they touch. However, they are the rare minority.

When you're starting out in real estate sales, you generally don't have too many friends and fewer opportunities handed to you.

In essence, your career destination defaults to sink or swim. Let's teach you how to swim.

Rule One.

I know that brokers read my tips. So, for both real estate rookies and their brokers: join only those offices that are learning centers.

Real estate brokers can go a long way to grow their businesses if in the beginning of their weekly motivational meetings they would have a different rookie do a listing presentation followed by a different veteran doing a similar presentation.

It gives rookies instant mentorship and keeps veterans sharp.

The object is to cut the learning curve from four months for sales survivors to one month for all members of the staff. That makes for a more powerful office, a more stable office, and a more profitable office.

Non-productive players and turn-over always hurts total team focus, morale, productivity, and ultimate profitability of the office. You want every member of your office to produce to their maximum and to want to stay.


Rookies should begin instantly by hanging out with the winners. Stay away from the pizza parlor pity party gang. Winners learn only one thing from winners. Losers learn only one thing from losers. It's always a choice.
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