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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Joanne Victoria

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  Article Title: 7 Marketing Methods for Real Estate Coaches
Author Name: Joanne Victoria
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Category: Coaching/Business Development
Copyright Date: 2004
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7 Marketing Methods for Real Estate Coaches

You shower, shampoo, dress your best, check to see if you
have plenty of business cards, drive about an hour,
introduce yourself by saying "Hi, Iím Mary and Iím a
coach" and the other person says, "Hi, Iím Jack and Iím
a coach, too!". You meet more coaches than you knew
existed. How do you get business when you are surrounded
by what may be perceived as your competition?

Hereís a great strategy to create fantastic outcomes.

Time is precious and you canít get it back, so it needs to
be used wisely. For those of you who have limited time or
donít have much of a desire to network, but you know you
have to, try Target Networkingģ for Real Estate coaches.
As you target your work market for clients, you can target
or focus your networking market using the same skills.

As an example, what if your target industry is real estate?
Your target markets could include the bank, mortgage,
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