Real Estate Reference 6 Ways To Buy Real Estate Without A Deposit
Sunday 17 February
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  by Ray Jamieson

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  6 Ways To Buy Real Estate Without A Deposit.

There was an interesting item on a “current affairs” show recently. ASIC and a Consumer Organisation sent a number of genuine, financial hardship cases to 219 different and fully qualified financial planners. The results were that only ONE IN FIFTY of the financial plans reflected the needs of the clients, the rest reflected the financial planners commissions. This just highlights how valuable the genuine educational workshops and e-books are. This article is based on a workshop and E-book by Ray Jamieson and first presented at The Executive Mastamind Programme Workshop.

The purpose of all these workshops and e-books is to educate. Not to advise, or tell you where or how to invest, or suggest one strategy over another. Simply to educate. This is the same in that respect. T

This article and the associated e-book are on the fundamentals of creating wealth through Real Estate. The e-book, through virtue of the unlimited space criteria, goes into much more depth and can be found on There is nothing new in this concept, people have been buying and selling real estate since trading and commerce first began. However, one would think that with something that has been around for so long, more people would understand it!

One of the things I believe about Real Estate is that if you make a good buy which is making you good money, you hang onto it, unless some mug offers you an absolute fortune for it. Now, I DID buy real estate and it WAS a good buy, but you aren’t getting it, you have to go find your own. However, I will give you some tips on buying, which might make yours as great an investment as mine!
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