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Sunday 17 February
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  by Mandy Thomson

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So you know the benefits of purifying your drinking water and have already installed a filter for your kitchen tap. But what happens when you get thirsty upstairs and the closest water faucet is in the bathroom? This is where a whole house water filter system will benefit you.

A whole house water filter produces purified water for all water sources in your house. Because it is a point-of-entry system, you will have purifed wter for every faucet, bathtub, even toilet in your home.

Using filtered water to flush toilets and wash dishes may seem like a waste at first glance. However, reducing household chlorine chlorine could play a crucial role in the well being of you and your family. The Environmental Protection Agency states "Every household in America, on municipally treated water, has an elevated level of chloroform gas in the area, specifically in showering, washing dishes, washing clothes, and flushing toilets."

Chloroform is a poisoness byproduct of chlorine that may cause damage to the nervous system and kidneys. Chlorine has also been linked to asthma. Several studies have linked chlorine inhalation from swimming or working in pools to severe asthma-like symptoms.

Imagine the cost and hassle of installing a tap and shower filter in every water source in your home. A whole house water filter would more efficiently remove contaminants in the long run at the fraction of the cost. The initial installation will require a plumber. However, further maintenance (such as replacing filter cartridges) can be done on your own.
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