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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Steve Gillman

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  Good Homes Under $50,000?

My wife Ana and I found cheap homes for sale all over during
a seven-week cross-country trip, and we even bought one in a
pretty little town in the mountains of western Montana. We
paid $17,500, spent almost $2000 to fix it up the way we
liked it, and lived there for several months before selling
it for $28,000. You can see a photo of our little pink house
on our website . This
wasn't a fluke. There really are great towns where you can
still find cheap homes for sale.

Cheap Homes, Nice Town: An Example

In Anaconda, Montana you can fish for trout, go to a
three-dollar-movie in a beautiful old art-deco theatre
(named the 5th most beautiful theater in the U.S., according
to the Smithsonian), drop some nickles in a slot machine (a
dozen casinos), eat at a fine restaurant, stop by the bar
for a dollar beer, and buy a house for less than $30,000 -
all within a four block area! There are good schools and
churches, a library with fast internet service, and wildlife
(including bears and mountain goats) a few hundred yards
from downtown.

Why There Are Cheap Homes For Sale

The reason there are so many cheap homes for sale in Butte
and Anaconda, is simple. There aren't many good jobs left. I
personally found jobs in Anaconda easily-but not good ones.
People left the area in the 80's especially, after the mines
and smelters closed. This exodus has left one-in-seven
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