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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Lynda Filer

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  The First House

The astrological sign that is on the cusp of the first house is referred to as our Ascendant or rising sign. This is the sign that is coming up over the eastern horizon at your time of birth.

The first house is the house of your personality as perceived by others and how you look at life yourself. The ascendant can also have a bearing on your physical appearance, ego, attitudes and sometimes our temperament. The three most telling parts in a natal chart are persons' Sun, Moon and Ascendant.

Any planet in the first house exerts a powerful influence on a person. Someone with a large number of planets in their first house may have a highly individualistic and independent personality, finding it hard to connect with others.

The ascendant or first house is ruled by the planet Mars and the sign of Aires.

The Second House

The second house is the house of material possessions. It reflects our attitudes towards money, and about how we go about earning and spending it. The second house also represents our need for security on an emotional level and is related to our self-worth.

Planets in the second house have a bearing on our attitudes to security and worldly possessions. Mars in the second house for example could bring a reckless impulsive attitude towards money while Jupiter the planet of good luck may bring expansion of your goals and dreams.

The second house is ruled by the planet Venus and the sign of Taurus.

The Third House

The third house rules communication and short distance travel. It relates to early education, how we learn and adapt to new ideas. It encompasses our interaction with others on a daily basis and in our own environment. Our relationship with siblings is shown within this house, as is routine travel. The deeper areas of learning and of long distance travel are to be found in the ninth house.
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