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Sunday 26 May
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  by Lynda Filer

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  The Sixth House

The sixth house refers to service to the outside world. It relates to your work in that it involves your interaction with superiors but does not relate to your career as much as your tenth house does. It also relates to health, hygiene, our habits and our ability to adapt.

The planets in your sixth house show the energies that you may bring to your employment as well as your general health.

The sixth house is ruled by Mercury and the sign of Virgo

The Seventh House

The sign that is on the seventh house is also known as the Descendant (as it is opposite the Ascendant). The seventh house is often called the house of marriage. It relates to all our one-on-one relationships, including business partners and our enemies as well as our loved ones. The seventh house deals with commitment and often shows the traits that we look for in a marriage partner.

Many planets in the seventh house indicates a strong need for interaction with others. These people are often happier in a close relationships than by themselves.

The seventh house is ruled by Venus and the sign of Libra.

The Eighth House

The eighth house relates to life, death, rebirth, transformations, sex, money and possessions. It relates to other peoples' money such as legacies, insurance and loans. It also rules big business and crime.

The planets within the eighth house are likely to have a profound affect on our lives and emotions and are likely to be linked with change.

The eighth house is ruled by Pluto and the sign of Scorpio.
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