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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Amie Walton

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  Whether you list with an agent or sell on your own, you can ensure a quick
sale by proactively preparing your house to be a highly marketable and attractive

Paradigm Shift

Donít wait for the sold sign to get started with packing. Packing away items
that are used infrequently has multiple benefits: Itís a head start for you
when you do have the house sold; It removes the clutter that might impact negatively
on prospective buyers; and It creates a more spacious atmosphere making rooms
appear larger.

Be the Buyer

To determine what improvements should be tackled first, view your house as though
you were the buyer. If you have a difficult time with objectivity, ask a friend,
neighbour or relative to help.

Exterior View

Begin with driving or walking on your street. Does your house stand out as less
attractive than those around it? Does your landscaping match up? If not: Make
sure your lawn is well trimmed and free of any bald or brown spots. Plant mature
bushes and flowers to add volume and colour. Avoid any plants or trees that
will take time to mature. You are going for immediate appeal, over long-term
results. Clear away any lawn furniture that mainly provided function over aesthetic
appeal (i.e. resin chairs). Clear away the kids bikes and toys from the lawn
and driveway. The path from your curb to the door should be unobstructed and
clean. Rent a power washer and clean the walkway, if needed. Tighten any loose
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