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Tuesday 19 February
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  Can you imagine how you’d feel if a stranger came up to you on the street and started asking you a series of personal questions without telling you who they were and why they were asking? I know I’d be pretty annoyed and likely wouldn’t answer any of their questions.

Oddly enough, my sister was in a very similar situation when she was selling her house in Minneapolis. The only difference was that her inquirer used a telephone. By the time she even thought to ask who was calling the caller was off the line and knew how much equity she had in her house, how much she owed, how long she’d lived there and how long she’d been trying to sell it. This is invaluable information to a real estate agent trying to subtly sow doubt in the mind of a FSBO seller.

If you want to sell your house you’re going to need to take control. And you have every right to that control. Your house is your most valuable possession. Don’t cede control of anything to anyone where the sale of your property is concerned.

When someone calls you have every right to know who they are and what they want. Don’t be afraid to require this information. You’re going to be fielding plenty of phone calls so you should know how to cut short the unproductive ones (real estate agents) and convey clear and compelling information to the rest (home buyers).

A polite and friendly "who’s calling, please?" should be your first response to anyone who does not immediately identify themselves. (Your second question should be "Are you a real estate professional or a home buyer?") Should they plunge forward without addressing the question or give an evasive answer such as "I’m interested in your house for sale," just repeat the query in the same calm and friendly manner.
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