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Sunday 17 February
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  by Caterina Christakos

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  How to Sell Your House For Full Price Without a Broker

Many people believe that a real estate broker is needed to sell their house. So they post it with a broker who may or may not sell it and if they do charge exorbitant fees. One would think that that commission would inspire to work harder for you. In some cases it does. In many others though, we have heard of houses sitting on the market for over a year with the realtor only showing it once.

The next option that you have is to sell it yourself. But how? Is placing a sign on your front lawn enough or do you have to spend thousands in advertising? There is actually a way to get the ads that you place and the sign on your lawn to have your phone ringing off the hook with excited buyers.

That way is owner financing. With the economy what it is, many individuals’ credit have dropped making it more difficult to get a bank loan. Many of them are good people who were laid off for a while or have had a sickness in the family. They are back on their feet and ready to buy a house but don’t have a ton of cash to put up front and the banks turn them down. This is where you come in. You are not just selling them a house. You are their problem solver. Instead of paying payments to the banks, you can arrange it so that you are the one who receives a monthly mortgage payment and the best part is you can demand top dollar.

Need cash now? Create a note giving you the legal right to these payments then sell that note for a lump sum to a note broker. A good note broker will even show you how to structure your note to receive top dollar for it.
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