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Sunday 17 February
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  by Caterina Christakos

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  How to Sell Your House By Lease Option

Many people buy a house then have to move within
a few years, due to divorce, relocation or
financial difficulties. Without any equity
though, it can be nearly impossible to find
buyers and you still have realtor fees to contend
with. There is a simple, easy way to have your
payments taken care of for you and find a buyer,
so that you can move onto your new life quickly
and easily.

Homeowners can sell their homes by lease option.

What are the benefits of selling my house on a
lease option?

When you lease option your house, you sell the
right to purchase your home at a set price within
a predetermined period of time. During that time,
the purchaser of the lease option pays you a set
monthly fee. They pay what amounts to their
“rent” to you with the provision that they can
purchase your house within a certain period of
time and have part of the rent that they have
paid you applied to their final purchase price.

Q What are the advantages of selling my home by
lease option over listing it with a Realtor?

By selling your home in this way, you avoid
realtor fees and some other closing costs. You
also have a tenant who intends to purchase your
property. They will take better care of the home
than a renter would and may even fix it up a bit
for you. You also, naturally, have your payments
taken care of and keep the tax benefits of owning
your home, until the final sale.

Q How long does it take before your tenant/buyer
cashes me out?
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