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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Vincent Platania

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  by Vincent Platania

Today’s homemaker is usually a harried soul. She may well have a houseful of children or pets, even if she is single. She probably does her housework when she is not working at her “day job.” She has the pressures of entertaining, of impromptu visits from family and friends, and of wanting her surroundings to be neat, attractive, sanitary, and comfortable. To top it all off, the homemaker can as easily be a “he.” The modern homemaker has a full life outside of cleaning the home, and thus, has the goals of finding housework techniques that are simple and that quickly result in a clean house. This goal of “simple and clean” is one that can be attained. What is more, with thoughtful planning and a housework checklist, the homemaker can quickly have a clean house, and have completed a daily workout as well.

To achieve these goals, the first step is to get the right tools. As every construction worker, artist, seamstress, engineer, cook, or mechanic knows, jobs are easier with good, sturdy, well-designed tools. Good tools are designed specifically for each job, taking into consideration the motions a person makes as he does the job, the best size tool to complete the job, and the best materials to create a tool that lasts. Brooms (Fuller Brush Angle Broom), mops (Fuller Brush Dry Mop and Fuller Brush Wet Mop), brushes (Fuller Brush Premium Scrub Brush), and dust pans (Fuller Brush Upright Dust Pan) are some of the tools for efficiently completed housework. A carpenter will shop around to find a well-made hammer, knowing that purchasing a good hammer is an investment that will enable him to produce quality goods. A homemaker must also invest in good tools to meet the goals of “simple and clean.” A broom that sheds straw will never sweep a floor clean.
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