Real Estate Reference Will You Be the Next Virtual Real Estate Millionaire?
Sunday 17 February
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  by David Isaacs

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  Copyright 2004 Dave Isaacs

Have you heard the term Virtual Real Estate?

This is a buzz word or catch phrase commonly used by

renowned traffic guru, John Reese. If you haven't yet

heard of it, then mark my words and take note, you WILL be

hearing a lot about it in the coming weeks, months and


Virtual Real Estate, or VRE as it is commonly known, is a

marketing technique used to profit from your website

traffic. This term is derived from using the space

(virtual real estate) on your webpages for the purpose of

inserting pay-per-click advertising, such as with Google


For example, here's how Google Adsense can be used to

generate an online income...

This is a pure content site that does not promote a single

affiliat product. But notice how Google ads are interweaved

within the content of each page? This makes the ads more

relevant to what the visitor is looking for and as a

result, the reader is more likely to click on the links to

gain more information about his topic.

And here's the good part... everytime someone clicks on

one of these links the site owner generates an income. The

level of income is determined by a number of factors, of

which the most important factor is the price that the
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