Real Estate Reference When a Real Estate Agent May Not Be The Best Option
Sunday 17 February
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  by Chris Cates

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Historically, when homeowners wanted to sell their home, the first call made would be to a Realtor. Since the early 1900ís, Realtors have represented homeowners during the process of selling their home, which is usually to another homeowner. Real estate brokers hold state regulated licenses that allow them to market real estate on behalf of the owner. The national average for broker commissions is approximately five percent. In many cases, another broker will bring the buyer and receive typically fifty percent of the commission. When the majority of homeowners sell their home, they believe a real estate agent gives them the best chance to maximize the amount they receive and the agent commission will come out of their proceeds at closing. This is a process that takes place everyday throughout America.

Unfortunately, life does not always follow a predictable format that allows for the sale of a home with a Realtor. More and more, Americans are facing circumstances that demand unique solutions. Foreclosures, job transfers, over-leveraged financing, and problem properties are just a few of the situations that require alternatives to using a Realtor.

When a homeowner is facing a job transfer or foreclosure, a quick sale is essential to avoid losing the home or facing the prospect of paying two mortgage payments. Utilizing a Realtor can take weeks or months to find the buyer, and then there are no guarantees that the buyer will qualify or go through with the purchase. Many homeowners cannot afford to take that chance.
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