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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Anastasiya Shalayeva

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  Everybody knows the difference between the virtual and the real. When it comes to real estate online ads, this difference acquires more significance. It is easier to buy property offline, when one can look and feel what he is going to have. Online property sales have certain pitfalls and web users are aware of them.

However, the Internet swallows up more and more businesses. Taking a real estate agency online becomes a necessity today, not an additional way of promotion.

With the development of technology, requirements to real estate scripts are getting stricter and stricter. Here comes the issue of real “real estate software”, which is not characterized by the adjectives “cheap”, “all-in-one” or “universal”. We prefer to use the word “real”

Thus, real estate software must be real from the point of view of performance, feature set, basic marketing built-in tools and price. That’s how we see it.

Performance: Commercial or Open Source Technology

Real estate selling/rental portals typically have to process large number of queries, which might entail slow work of your script, time out errors and produce constant problems, when the database might be overloaded. One of the main aspects, which should be taken into account before choosing the framework for your business, is the technology, on which the script is realized.

Open source technologies are good and popular; it is a logical alternative to the commercial platform. However, the latter has certain advantages, which can be underestimated when considering the possibilities for serious business:
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