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Saturday 16 February
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  by Jason Van Orden

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  Why do so many people struggle to get going in real estate investing? Many creative real estate investors get burned out because investing just eats up their time and energy. It drains them to be constantly making cold calls, driving neighborhoods and knocking doors. They cling to every little lead that comes along, whether it is a motivated seller or not.

I imagine you are attracted to real estate investing to enjoy success. You want to be in control of your time and your income. So what is the secret?

***A Continuous Stream of Motivated Sellers Who Contact You***

To make money in real estate investing you have to close deals. To close deals you need to find deals. Creative real estate investing deals come from finding motivated sellers with a problem that you can solve.

There are two ways to find motivated sellers, you can chase after them or you can get them to come to you. Which do you prefer?

If you fill the pipeline with a stream of motivated sellers who CALL YOU, then you will not have a problem closing real estate investing deals on a regular basis. Let me outline the benefits to having the motivated sellers contact you.

1. The Motivated Seller Will Have an Open Mind Making Your Job Easier

When you go to the store and a salesperson approaches you, what is your response? Usually you put up a wall and try to get rid of them, right? No one likes a sales pitch. (Well, except for me because I am looking to learn from it, but I am a geek like that.) But when you go looking for something your mind is open. The motivated sellers you work with are the same. If they come to you, they will be predisposed to do business.
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