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Sunday 17 February
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  by Colm Dillon

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  Those of you who are new to the real estate development business, need to understand what each Design professional contributes to the development team and the specific services they are capable of delivering for you.

Knowing what they do for you ... what you are paying for is vital.

This is part of a series of articles I am writing for you to explain what each profession does in some detail.

Hydraulic Engineers

Most we know what an Architect does, or what a Structural Engineer does, but the hydraulic engineer is a bit of a puzzle.

When you hydraulic in the development business "think" pipes, "think" water, "think" gas.

In other words "think" of any material that has to be provided by pipes in a real estate development. Lock that
into your brain and we'll get to gripes with this service quickly.

If you are a resident of an apartment or a customer of a hotel, when you turn on a hot faucet (tap) you rightfully expect to feel hot water running into your sink soon.

Have you ever wondered how a person
on the second floor or the sixtieth floor gets hot water on demand ... or cold water for that matter.

Similarly, you can ask the same question about the liquid waste we humans produce in our residential accommodation.

You can add to that fire services and the sprinklers that keep us safe or the gas service if you want to cook on gas on the twenty-fifth floor.

Do we want a swimming pool on the penthouse level or on the ground floor or do we want to recycle your waste water and use it to water the garden, then you'll need an hydraulic engineer.
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