Real Estate Reference The Big Four Reasons for Investing in Real Estate
Tuesday 19 February
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  by Andre McFayden

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  The 4 BIG benefits of investing in real estate are:

1) Cash Flow - This is your spendable income after deducting all operating expenses and mortgage payments from rental income received.

2) Loan Amortization - With each mortgage payment you make, your loan balance is reduced and your equity increased.

3) Tax Savings - Investors are allowed to take a depreciation deduction for rental properties. By taking this deduction, the taxable income from the rental property is further reduced.

4) Appreciation - Over time,real estate generally goes up in value.

When combined, these four factors can create a great amount of wealth.

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About the Author

Andre McFayden is Vice-President of Empire Real Estate Group, Inc. in Fresno, CA
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