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Sunday 17 February
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  by Cameron Lindblom,

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  In the famous kid’s fairy tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’ one of the pigs built a house of straw that made him almost pay with his life. The pig was blamed in the tale for choosing the wrong building material. But his material was definitely the right one. He was just not aware of one important secret of construction. However, some of the professional builders know the secret, and they apply it in many places throughout the world. As the result, the winners of the situation are reasonable American millionaires.

Why straw? Firstly, it may sound as a paradox, but straw, when handled correctly, is the natural material that maximally resistant to decomposition. The recent researches by US scientists have shown that compressed straw packs about 100 years old contained some sorts of grasses, which have already disappeared. Moreover, they were preserved safe and sound. Geneticists received really unique materials for their work, while builders received confirmation of strength and durability of the forgotten building materials.

Secondly, in the course of studying the myth about straw’s fire risk was also denied. Fire tests gave out wondering results. Of course straw house can be burned down, unless straw is finished with plaster or stucco, for instance. However, after straw went under finishing, it could compete with metal by refractoriness. The temperature that made metal constructions melt could be resisted by straw structures for extra 40 minutes. Apart from this, straw buildings showed high energy-saving coefficients.
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