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Sunday 17 February
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  by Brian Ross

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Russ Whitney has developed training programs, education packages and a great volume of literature in order to educate people on the best wealth-building techniques. The very same techniques that he teaches, writes and speaks of, he uses himself to add to his existing fortune
Russ Whitney the author

Millionaire Real Estate Mentor is a book written by this financial genius that reveals his secrets to building wealth through effective real estate investing.

He advocates that you can invest in real estate an...

Generate profits of over 300% regardless of the state of the economy Attain a level of financial freedom with less risk other investments.

Millionaire Real Estate Mentor, this comprehensive and dynamic book, details the primary criteria that must be met in order to attain real estate success.

In collating this book, Russ Whitney has

Brought together a team of self-starter millionaires Assisted this team to optimize their skills And now holds the collective wealth of information to give to you.

His techniques to develop wealth through real estate are simply phrased, comprehensive and intended for the regular person looking to find direct advice. He does not adopt a tone of supremacy, he is clear and straightforward.

Millionaire Real Estate Mentor will reveal to you:

The available public and private resources for the serious investor Regulations for real estate wealth When you can get the state to finance your wealth How to take note of a real estate treasure How to spot a bad investment before investing Methods to protect from law suits and huge taxes Which real estate investment will suit you perfectly
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