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Sunday 17 February
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  by Meredith Gossland

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  There are several small businesses that retain hundred-year-old traditions, Hand-dipping chocolates, fresh flowers on every table in a restaurant,or mints and roses on a guest's pillow at a B&B. Loyal customers come to expect these little perks or tokens of quality in the product and changing your traditions might mean the loss of evangelical customers. These are unspoken signs of a companies value system and devotion to the customer. Then there are traditions that are a little harder to explain.

There are two curious habits in the real estate industry that have always baffled me. They are age-old traditions and the public has come to accept them as part and parcel of the product. But are they a reflection of company values or just a couple of really bad habits?

The first....Why do real estate agents put their picture on absolutely everything? Real Estate agents are there to sell houses, people come to the agent as an expert in the field, not because they have pretty hair or freckles. The image portrayed through these headshots is that of an egoistical, self centered, self serving person. I have asked many agents why they do it...the answers range from; The company requires it, to simple, I don't knows, to I need it to stand out from the competition (If all the competition is doing the same thing, how does that set you apart?) There are many people who have their own businesses and are sole-propritors from hair dressers to contractors, pool cleaners, consultants and lawyers but they don't put their headshot all over everything that relates to their business. There could be reasons why they don't. One might be; that sending a message of conceit or self love is not the best way to get customers. Yet another reason is that the space on advertising comes at a premium,(especially if its in color most business owners think the space on their advertising is better used for mentioning benefits and services. I think the number one reason is aging. As people get older they become less and less satisfied with the way they look, a little less hair, and few saggy chins, smile lines that have turned into furrows. Many real estate agents handle the problem by not handling it, they just leave the same picture on their business card for their entire 25 year career, a nice youthful look. New Clients visiting the agent for the first time are in for a shock!
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