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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Oliver Webber

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  What do real estate professionals need to make a successful deal?
2.Cell Phone
5.Quick responsiveness

All that and much more can be carried in one's pocket. First you need to buy Pocket PC. If you buy a communicator, you won't have to additionally buy a cell-phone. With GPS module and area map installed you will easily find the property location.

Using GPRS connection with the required software you can send and receive fax and e-mail messages.

Another fantastic option is reading e-books through MS Reader program. Of course, there are almost all simplified versions of Microsoft software available for Pocket PC's like Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Internet Explorer, Outlook etc.

If you have a website that contains all your database of apartments and houses for sale or rent, and you want to check the information on it whenever you need it, Pocket PC will help you anywhere you go, even if you are far away from your office or home. All you need to do is to connect to Internet will the help of the built-in GPRS or through your cell-phone (if case your Pocket PC does not support GPRS) and off you go! The now mobile browser is another zest of Pocket PC. It supports HTML 3.2 and allows viewing the majority of websites both in online and offline modes. It's also apt to create web-pages.

If you are used to communicating with partners, associates and clients through MSN Messenger or ICQ, Pocket PC will help you to keep in touch even being far away from your office or home PC.
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