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Sunday 17 February
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  by Oliver Webber

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  How can Palm PC be useful for real estate professionals?

A real estate professional may discuss business matters with a client at the office, but sometimes business meetings take place out of it. When you are out of the office, it's sometimes hard to show the property you offer.

Of course, it causes often certain discomfort, unless you have such a personal assistant as Palm PC. Nowadays there are a lot of software database programs apt to view images and detailed information on a property. This can help greatly when discussing the purchase with your client being out of the office. Have you ever tried to write some information on the property price and all the related payments down on a napkin when sitting with the client at a coffee house? Now, when you have this great personal assistant, you need a napkin to wipe your hands on and then take your Palm PC. There's software for Palm PC that may help you count and show changes to the property price, even monthly.

Can you explain all the mortgage specificities to your client without a decent assistant? Mortgage calculators for Palm OS will give you this possibility. Moreover, you will be able to show your client multiple mortgage offers to determine which one would be the most affordable and lucrative.

When talking on the phone you may use standard application for Palm PC called Memo Pad. You can make short notes and then sort them out at the end of your working day.
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