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Sunday 26 May
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  by Dominick Evans

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  You are probably wondering what image marketing is. In the early 1980's real estate agents realized how successful image marketing was. Back then they used catchy slogans (such as #1 in sales), told you everything they had that other agents didn't, and used images (including their faces), to win you over so you’d choose them as your agent.

Since the 1980's people have gotten wiser. They no longer care what you have, what your credentials are, or that you are “#1 in sales”. Did you know nearly every agent in your area claims to be #1 in sales? How do you know? You can't track other agents sales since they all work on commission.

So what can you do? Stop using the words “ME ME ME” and start using the word "YOU!"

Let them know exactly what you have to offer them. List what you can do for them. There are numerous ways you can do this without compromising your job and your commission.

Offer them FREE informative articles.

Did you know that I went to a real estate agent’s site and they wanted me to put in my phone number and email just so I could read their free article? Doesn’t this seem a little odd to you? I don’t even have to mention the kind of spam I received once I did put in my email. I was contacted daily with statistics (that seemed to be made up), information, and a bunch of updates on the agent’s web site progression. I don’t care how many sales he had in August. I just wanted to read his article on Moving when you Have Pets.

This is the number one way to LOSE clients not gain them. No one wants to be nagged incessantly to buy or sell their home. Buying and selling a home is one of the BIGGEST processes a person will go through. They can lose or gain money in the end, and choosing the wrong agent isn’t something they want to do.
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