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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Mark Walters

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  The Internet is a powerful marketing tool, but just how can a real estate investor make the best use of Web pages?

We've spent some time experimenting with Web sites and we've found a couple of ways that they can be useful.

First.. we just don't believe you can effectively use Web sites to find motivated sellers. It least you can't find them consistently. How many motivated home sellers do a Google search for "fast home buyer"?

We have two Web sites. Web site #1 serves two purposes...

First it acts a brochure. It explains that we buy and sell property and cash flows of all kinds. It reveals the names of the principal players in our company. It gives our address, phone numbers and email addresses.

We place the URL for this Web site on all our promotional material... letter head, business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, etc. It does not produce home sellers, but it does help to establish our credibility with sellers we find through other means. They can check the Web site and learn we are real people with a real business.

The second task that Web site #1 performs is to present the homes we have for sale and for rent. We create a page for each with well written copy that contains the property's address.. and nice photos of the house, yard, nearby parks, shopping areas and schools.

When a potential buyer or seller contacts us we can refer them to those pages. This saves hours of time answering questions about location, price, number of bedrooms, etc.
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