Real Estate Reference Pop Goes The "Real Estate Bubble" Myth!
Tuesday 19 February
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  by Roseanne Nepht

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  If you turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or even surf the
internet, you'll notice that there is a lot of people
talking about the "Real Estate Bubble", and asking the
question, "when is it going to burst?" They (these so-called
experts) have been saying for years that the real estate
market can't continue this type of growth. These "experts"
remind me of chicken little, with all of their prosphesy of
doom and gloom, and the "sky is falling" syndrome. The truth
is there has never been a real estate bubble in the past, or
presently, and there will certainly never be one in the
future. Talk about there being a "real estate bubble" is the
stuff that urban legends are made of.

Here's the readers digest version of what it all means. The
real estate market is really, a "wave". It's cyclical, and
we are riding on a big wave right now. Real Estate is just
like Investing in the stock market, There are good years
when values rise and there are years that are better, when
values rise even higher. That's it, in a nutshell. Real
estate has gone up and down throughout history, and
generally speaking, it is fairly stable. When you look at a
graph of real estate values, you would be able to see a
clear pattern of increasing values. Now some years would
have higher peaks than others, and all in all, it is a
gradual building slope from left to right. And it looks just
like a wave.

In addition, there are more up cycles, than down cycles. So
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