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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Charles Warnock

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  If you’ve spent some time on, you probably noticed we generally don’t carry a torch for tradition or conventional wisdom. Having said that, the well-worn cliché above still holds true, especially in real estate transactions.

Many buyers and sellers put in countless hours carefully searching properties or preparing their homes for sale, only to see their sweet deals vanish at the negotiating table. Even if you’re not an experienced negotiator, there are steps you can take to improve results whether you’re buying or selling property. Negotiation doesn’t need to be a confrontational process if you set priorities, plan ahead and stay focused on issues, not personalities.

By far the largest expense related to traditional real estate transactions is the agent/brokers' commission, and independent buyers and sellers should take advantage of this fact. Without the “overhead” of a 5-6 percent commission, both buyer and seller have a little more flexibility to come to an agreement that’s acceptable to both parties. Here are some negotiation tips for independent buyers and sellers.

Seller negotiating tips:

Set realistic priorities before you start.

When selling, be sure to outline realistic goals before negotiations begin. If you’ve decided that you need to sell your home for at least $250,000, expect to have very different negotiations than if your goal is to sell within 30 days. If money is your primary concern, be prepared to turn down some offers as you wait for the right buyer. If time is more important to you than money, be sure to include some flexibility in your asking price.
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