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Sunday 17 February
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  by Cameron Lindblom,

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  Most of the cities in the world prefer developing high-rise construction. Almost all the big cities consist of various multi-storied edifices. This very feature of employing areas is believed to be reasonable as it saves a lot of space for parks and recreation areas. But the principle has slightly changed with time, because of the necessity to provide relevant infrastructure to guarantee real estate functioning (dual-purpose stations, parking lots etc.). These facilities usually occupy from 15 to 20 percent of the whole free space, which means thereís not enough area left to implement ecologic zones.

Modern researches concerning this important issue lay stress on the possibilities of alternative real estate construction offering low-rises following the idea of town-houses. Their infrastructure is deemed to be far better, thus, the free areas can be used directly for housing construction. Besides, housing with the birdís eye views is much more harmful for manís mental health. Specialists already know it for a long time. Ads though tell the opposite.

Of course, itís hardly possible to change the entire town-planning system that had been developing for decades. Eco-house ideologists understand how little can be changed about it; however, they still believe thereís something that can be done to make the situation better. But when the problem becomes vivid enough, any solution delay is a crime.

Every reasonable person must take care of his health, as well as preserving favorable environmental conditions.
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