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Sunday 17 February
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  by Stan Smith

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An article packed with easy-to-use tips for the Real Estate Professional who wants to successfully promote their sites using search engines.

How To Get Top Listings For Your Real Estate Web Site – FEATURE ARTICLE -

Search engines are a key tool in the Internet Realtor’s arsenal. The effective use of search engines can insure that your website gets a steady stream of traffic.

The Pay per Click Advantage: The old way to getting the top listing on search engines required hours of tedious programming work – with no guaranteed results. Now, a new breed of search engines have made it easier to get the #1 listing for your category by using a time-honored technique – the good old auction.

These new search engines allow you to select the keyword the best described your service and allows you to bid on the top spot. For example if you sell pet food – you can buy the keyword pet food. Now, everyone that enters the search term will see your website listing first.

There’s a twist though. If your keyword is popular you could end up paying as much as $5.00 per click for the #1 spot. If your keyword is searched once every blue moon – you would pay as little as .05 cents a click.

I like pay per click engines such as because if I invest in the top spot for my sites, then my site will be listed #1 on Yahoo, MSN and Google which represents roughly 80% of the web audience.

Another advantage is that sites like keeps track of how many people actually searches specific terms. This means that you can find out the potential audience for your search term before actually bidding. This gives you the opportunity to search for niche terms that get a lot of traffic but have gone unnoticed by your competitors. These keywords are like winning lottery tickets and I never launch a site unless I can find the “magic word”
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