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Sunday 17 February
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  by Caterina Christakos

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How to Build Your Online Real Estate Business Website How to Build Your Online Real Estate Business

(c) Caterina Christakos 2003

Building your online real estate business takes

more than designing a pretty website. It takes

research, creativity, and dedication. The first

thing that you need to decide on, before you

build a single page of your web site is:

What is my niche?

Attempting to be the number one real estate site

on the net is almost impossible. Instead we

recommend that you find a highly profitable niche

within the real estate market and make it your

own. Once that niche proves its profitability you

can begin mining some of the other real estate

niches. Create your real estate online presence

niche by niche and you have a real shot at

drawing eager, paying customers to your business.

How do you know which niche to start with?


Go to pay per click search engines and use their

key word tools to see how many times each key

word, phrase or niche is looked up monthly. Then

find out the exact key words that people use to

look up the niche you want to tap. If there are

enough searches for that target market then

proceed to step two.

Look online and see how many other web sites

focus on that niche. How many sites will you be

competing against? Keep searching and testing

until you find a sought after niche that hasnít

been discovered by many of your competitors.

Once you find your niche, you can think about
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