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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Jamie Madison

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  If you’ve turned on the television lately, at some point you'll hear the experts praising the virtues of diversification. Real estate has long been considered a conservative, long-term strategy to growing wealth. While some seasoned real estate investors make it look easy, to be successful, beginners should follow some basic principles.

Learn all you can. Consider attending a seminar or talking with individuals who are experienced in real estate investing. Look for people in your area or search for investor information on your favorite search engine.

Before committing your cash, you should have a fundamental understanding of real estate. For example, be aware that, in general, investment properties are not liquid investments. Barring exceptional circumstances, real estate does not sell at a moment's notice. It could take days or months to sell a property, depending on the strength of your local market conditions.

Consider your financial goals. It is possible to make a lot of money. However, you need to determine how hard you are going to work to do it, and how long you intend to keep each property. With each investment unit, you'll need to take into account cash flow, appreciation, equity, and depreciation. Talk with your accountant about tax liabilities and benefits.

Consider cash flow. You'll need to have enough capital on hand to cover any short-term losses due to vacancies between tenants, repairs, property management, taxes, mortgage, etc.
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