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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Alan Rigg

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Doesn't it seem like everyone you know has a friend, relative, or acquaintance that is a realtor? How could anyone, especially someone new to the industry, possibly achieve success when faced with this much competition?

The answer begins to appear when you consider the following questions:

* How many licensed real estate agents have the TALENTS required for success in sales?

* How many have been trained in EFFECTIVE SELLING TECHNIQUES?

* How many know how to PROSPECT effectively?

* How many know WHICH QUESTIONS TO ASK to determine the factors that are most important to each prospect's buying decision?

* How many take their profession seriously and are WILLING TO PUT IN THE EFFORT AND HOURS that are required to build a successful business?

* How many of them regularly SELL MULTIPLE HOUSES PER MONTH?

The 80/20 rule definitely applies to residential real estate. In fact, some statistics suggest the ratio is more like 90/10 (where 90% of home sales are made by just 10% of realtors), with the vast majority of home sales by the top 1%!

So, how can a novice realtor attract clients? By building his or her CREDIBILITY and RELATIONSHIPS. Let's explore these two topics separately.

How to Build Credibility

Imagine you are a brand new realtor that has just passed the licensing exam. Why would someone turn to YOU to help them make what may be the largest investment of their lifetime? What makes you stand out from other licensed real estate agents?
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