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Sunday 17 February
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  by Ron Scott

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  BETHESDA, MD - October 19, 2004 - As an experienced California real estate broker, you can imagine that I can be pretty jaded when it comes to the home buying process. While finding the right home at the right price is of primary concern, I have always started the process shopping for an agent willing to go the extra mile. To that end I have a simple test I put prospective agents and brokers through that might help you the next time you are looking for real estate brokerage services.

To set the stage, understand that I have been thinking about retirement now for several years and have narrowed my final resting place to two general areas: Bethesda MD and Scottsdale AZ. I started calling agents in the Bethesda area early one morning and, from the outset, made it very clear to everyone I spoke with that I had not yet committed myself to either destination.

The first three calls generated predictable reactions. The agents, two men and one woman, upon learning that I was a “lookiloo” found a way to excuse themselves from the conversation. Two tried to be delicate about it, one was abrupt. The latter encounter left me feeling like a telemarketer.

My fourth call was taken by an inexperienced agent who, obviously working on her broker’s orders, insisted upon getting my social security number so she could pre-qualify me on the spot. I ended that call myself.

My search fortunately came to an end when I talked with Gretchen Koitz. It was obvious from the outset that she was experienced. Instead of going for the jugular as the previous agents had done, she spent 45 minutes conversing with me and in doing so earned my trust and respect.
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