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Sunday 17 February
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  by Lothar

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  I am stunned when I hear that many of the so called real estate gurus are charging from $3,000 to $15,000 for their seminars and "mentoring". Has the world gone mad?

As a real estate investor and author I am often asked if I can recommend these real estate seminars. I answer with a question... "What have you done on your own to learn about real estate investing?" Then I offer the following suggestions:

Go to your public library and read all the books on real estate investing that have been published in the last ten years. Many of the gurus have written books where they explain their investing techniques... the same ones they present in their high priced seminars. Libraries are FREE!

Visit a few used books stores and you will find good books and often cassette tape courses on real estate investing. They will cost just a few dollars.

On the internet you will find a number of real estate investing forums. Here you can interact with investors of all experience levels. Someone will ask a question and they often will get very good answers from a number of experienced investors.

If you visit these forums and read the questions and answers for a few weeks you will find that you are receiving a very good investing education. You will soon get a clear picture of what's working now. You will see what others are doing successfully. Soon you will know what questions you need answered and you can ask for help. And it is all FREE.
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