Real Estate Reference Does Your House Smell?
Tuesday 19 February
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  by Dr George W Graham

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  Does Your House Smell?

SMELL! The sound of the word itself brings a poor feeling
out of most people. Granted, in some cultures [like France],
smells evoke a hint of romance. To most cultures it evokes
the need to clean out the refrigerator.

When doctors can’t seem to keep people well, they often
call us to check the patient’s home for infectious
materials like mold.

One thing is common to all these houses – smell. Sometimes
we can follow our noses to the cause of these diseases.

When we go into schools, we tend to notice that the more
the school smells, the more kids have ADHD.

In the Middle Ages, physicians believed diseases, like the
plague, were caused by smells and gases. One treatment for
the plague was roses. Remember the old rhyme, “Roses, Roses,
We all fall down.”

No smell doesn’t cause diseases. But things that stink
can cause many diseases.

TRASH This, of course, is the most obvious. Flies and
other bugs eat the trash and then bite us. Solution:
Clean the trash can. Few families have enough trash to
cause disease. But we have seen some. Some people never
throw away anything. Stacks of newspapers in a moist
environment can feed many infectious agents.

GAS No, not an upset stomach. We had one family that had
a sick child. His bedroom door was beside the gas
fireplace in the den. We walked into the house and
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