Real Estate Reference Four Sure-Fire Ways To Kill Your New Real Estate Career
Tuesday 19 February
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  by Fred De La Riva

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  Whenever I open the mail, or read the real estate ads in the newspaper, or even surf real estate websites, I much too often come across agents who I know will fail in their new careers. The reasons are many, but in this lesson, I will only focus on the marketing aspect.

Be Concerned Mainly About Your Image (Brand)

Almost every real estate print ads, postcards, magnets and calendars I see are image advertising. This type of advertising tells your prospect how great YOU are or how long YOU have been in the business. Image advertising is ineffective and wasteful expense that accomplishes no productive purpose whatsoever. It does nothing, but take up space.

Buyers and sellers donít care about YOU. What you must do is concentrate on direct response marketing. The name is self-explanatory. Direct response marketing demands an immediate response or action.

Do Not Articulate Your Competitive Advantage (USP)

Your competitive advantage or Unique Selling Proposition is what distinguishes you from the competition. You might find this a bit difficult to define at first, but I would begin with writing down what distinguishes you from other sales people.

∑ Do you speak a foreign language? If so maybe you can develop a niche practice by specializing in the Vietnamese community.

∑ Are you technologically savvy?

∑ Do you know a particular neighborhood extremely well?

It really depends on what your specific talent is. Bring it to the table because as competitive as this business is, you are going to need all the weapons in your arsenal.
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