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Tuesday 19 February
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  In this tutorial we will learn about the differences between Data Warehouse database and OLTP database and the objectives of a Data warehouse and Data flow.
The data warehouse and the OLTP data base are both relational databases. However, the objectives of both these databases are different.

The OLTP database records transactions in real time and aims to automate clerical data entry processes of a business entity. Addition, modification and deletion of data in the OLTP database is essential and the semantics of the application used in the front end impact on the organization of the data in the database.

The data warehouse on the other hand does not cater to real time operational requirements of the enterprise. It is more a storehouse of current and historical data and may also contain data extracted from external data sources.

The differences between these two relational databases, is tabulated below for information.

Differences Data warehouse database OLTP database :

Data warehouse database:
Designed for analysis of business measures by categories and attributes
Optimized for bulk loads and large, complex, unpredictable queries that access many rows per table.

Loaded with consistent, valid data; requires no real time validation

Supports few concurrent users relative to OLTP Supports thousands of concurrent users.

OLTP database :
Designed for real time business operations.

Optimized for a common set of transactions, usually adding or retrieving a single row at a time per table.
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