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Tuesday 19 February
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  by GranMamma

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  When cleaning your house, the first thing you need to do is to find a supply and tool apron. (gardening apron works well) The apron should contain several large, deep pockets. In these pockets, you will keep your cleaning supplies .... (glass cleaner, vacuum nozzles, bathroom supplies, etc.). This little known secret can cut your cleaning time in half.

Wear microfiber cloths at all times (they are the best dusting tool for all surfaces.) This way, you have your dusting tool handy at all times.

Work your way around a room. Start at the top with your high dusting and proceed to your low dusting.

Buy filters for your home that minimize dust.

When you begin your cleaning routine, move clock-wise around the room. Moving in one direction as you dust and clean glass is the fastest way to clean a room.

After dusting, itís time to vacuum any cloth furniture and then proceed to the carpets. To save time, clean every floor in your house at the same time. If you vacuum one room at a time, dirt and dust can easily be carried from the dirty floor to the clean floor.

To finish, mop the bare floors and allow them to dry thoroughly.

The bathroom is often one of the most dreaded chores. However, you can turn it into a manageable task by taking five minutes twice a week to spin through with a paper towel and pine sol.

Concentrate. This is often hard to do because housework can get very boring. However, if you focus on what youíre doing, youíll finish faster. Put on some music for a little extra motivation!
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