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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Ofer Shoshani

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Copyright 2005 Ofer Shoshani

Buying a beach house in New Zealand offers many possibilities.

New Zealand is made up of two main islands, North Island and South Island, giving it miles of coastal lands and perfect beaches to live by. Each island offers its own unique climate conditions and way of life.

Make Money from the Real Estate investment

One aspect to consider when you think about buying a beach house in New Zealand is the possibility of earning money from it. There are several ways to do this. You could rent or lease your house to tourists. You could also live in it with an eye toward selling it for more than you paid for it in the not to distant future. The New Zealand real estate market is rapidly growing, and giving someone else a chance to buy a New Zealand beach house could earn you a lot of money.

Rules for Investment

If you are interested in buying a beach house in New Zealand as an investment property, visit It will be important for you to know about taxes, mortgages in New Zealand, and learn if you have to be a New Zealand resident to be a New Zealand landlord, and find answers to the many other questions you’ll most likely have.


One popular area on North Island is the Coromandel Coast on the Coromandel Peninsula. The nearest town is stunning Cook’s Beach. It would be a spectacular place to buy your dream New Zealand beach house. For dramatic pictures and a full description, visit
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