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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Sanjib Ahmad

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  In our Accounting class we had a good teacher. Among the many things he taught us, I can still remember clearly how his voice resonated against the class room walls when he talked about depreciation and real estate.

He said that all physical assets including building, machinery, furniture, is subject to waste and decay. All physical assets (of course except land) have to be depreciated. Even if you talk about money, in time due to inflation and other factors its value will decrease. A $100 ten years ago is not the same $100 today.

In contrast, land does not have to be depreciated because its value does not decrease over time. Real estate is the only asset whose value increases over time. A land bought today can be sold manifold after a few years.

A classic business strategy to get wealthy is through real estate. Real estate has produced one of the highest number of millionaires than any other industry. Investing in real estate has proven to be a great wealth builder for hundreds of years.

That's why the "Real Estate Jobbing 101" ebook by Barry J. Grimes caught my attention. The real estate jobbing involves working with real estate investors and learning from them "on the job". The ebook is split across 5 volumes with each volume focusing on a particular area. For example,

* Volume 2: The Getting Started Guide
Discover how to find local Investors to work with. Learn how to generate a leads and build mentor relationships. Includes step-by-step instructions with real life documents and examples.
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