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Tuesday 19 February
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  by Chris Anderson

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  In last week's article, called "Irrational Exuberance, Part II?," I discussed some of our concerns about what is happening in the preconstruction investment real estate market. What many people have asked me is "if you're so concerned about the real estate market, then why invest so much with yourself and with the preconstruction MasterMind Group?"

The answer to this is really quite simple: we find preconstruction projects that make complete sense EVEN WITH the current market conditions. Many people think about the markets as one big entity and you either decide you are in or out. In preconstruction real estate, this is dead opposite of how we think. Instead, we look for preconstruction investment opportunities that make complete sense in this market and then, if we are wrong, we look (in advance) for ways to exit with our skin still attached.

In this week's article, let's explore such a scenario. If you have been on one of our teleseminars, you have probably heard me speak about the "Baby Boomers" and the impact that they are EXPECTED to have in the southeast and the southwest. Without getting overly technical, here is the short story:

" We have an incredibly large % of our population moving towards retirement age over the next 15 years;

" A large % of these people have no intent on staying in their current locale;

" Even though many boomers are ill prepared for retirement, there is still a significant % of people with tremendous wealth;
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