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Sunday 17 February
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  by John Sanderson

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  Are you anxious to get a piece of the wealth that is to be found in real estate investing? Until now, if you didn't have experience or cash it would be very unlikely that you'd be successful since real estate investing carries enormous risks and high startup costs. New investors with a lack of knowledge have lost all of their savings from a bad investment.

How can you prepare yourself to take on this lucrative market, especially with no cash?

The buzzword among investors for those making a start in this field is "bird-dogging". Don't forget it.


Bird-dogging is a system which allows those who are interested in real estate investing to gain experience AND income with no risk.

Bird-dogging combines the enthusiasm of the new investor with the money and experience of successful investors. Bird-dogs search out properties that are abandoned, lacking attention or are in disrepair and attempt to contact the owners about their interest in selling. The idea is to find home owners who are anxious to sell. This may also include owners with foreclosures, divorces or a death in the family.

Bird-dogs then show the property to the investor. If the investor is interested or closes the deal they pay a 'finder's' or 'referral' fee to the bird-dog for the service of locating the property.


Your first step would be to find a company who advertises on signs or in the newspaper that they buy houses, or take over payments.
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